The Void is Gone (poem)

I’ve been searching for something I cannot see,
this something eludes me.
I have troubles dealing with the unknown,
knowing farewell that I’m not alone.

I’ve never been one to give my time,
but it’s never too late to shine.
My selfishness, my ego, my pride,
it doesn’t feel right to be alone on this ride.

The void in my life has been large.
And the confusion to fill it has been forever.
I try to control the confusion,
yet the forever continues as an illusion.

Have I done something wrong to feel so lost?
Or am I afraid of the cost?
The cost of giving my time is priceless.
It can’t be measured by dollars.
Time is all we have to be selfless.

Life is not about taking just for me,
the time I give is for the community.
Business, professionalism, climbing the corporate tiers,
this all means nothing if you don’t have respect from your peers.

Humbly I’ve given my time.
Understanding there is more to life than mine.

For the moment,
the void is gone.
It’s not due to me,
it’s due to God!

By Derek L.

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